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The Logic Group’s Entire Point to Point Encryption Solution Receives PCI SSC Validation

Solution Helps Merchants Reduce Scope and Cost of PCI Compliance

London (UK), 21st November 2013 – The Logic Group, UK’s leading Payment Service Provider, today announced that Solve DataShield, its Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) solution, has achieved global validation by the Payments Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC).


In May 2013, the PCI SSC announced that The Logic Group was the first company worldwide to achieve P2PE application validation. This was the first step towards today’s achievement, which validates the entire solution – not just the application. In its entirety, the solution comprises the hardware (including a PIN Entry Device), software and business processes necessary for encrypting card transactions at the point of capture. When implemented correctly, these transactions are then transmitted securely across a merchant’s estate, no longer within scope of a PCI DSS audit. This can significantly reduce the effort and cost of compliance for a merchant.


Working with a number of prominent partners in the industry, the validation is another example of The Logic Group’s strategic intent to lead in the world of payment security and compliance. Following this validation, The Logic Group continues to build on its success in helping merchants to increase payments security whilst reducing the overall cost of compliance. With a track record of being the first to market with products that are PCI compliant, The Logic Group provides clients with a long-term partnership commitment and the benefit of over a decade of PCI expertise. Milestones along the way have included:


  • 2006 – Europe’s first multichannel PCI DSS compliant managed service 
  • 2012 – Solve Centurion payment authorisation and settlement platform achieves Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA DSS) validation
  • 2013 – The World’s first PCI validated P2PE application


Robin Adams, Director of Technical Strategy & Architecture at The Logic Group, said: “Until now merchants have been burdened with the task of securing and managing customer data to limit risk and demonstrate PCI compliance, often having to invest millions in the process. The Logic Group’s validated P2PE solution will help to reduce merchant’s scope of PCI DSS and significantly reduce their costs and resource requirements.” He added, “We continue to invest in our P2PE capability demonstrating our commitment to the market and our clients to provide them with secure, compliant, high quality and high performing payment products and services.”


About The Logic Group

The Logic Group partners with leading organisations across Europe to enhance the effectiveness, security and profitability of their customer interactions. We specialise in the secure management of information and transactions through the delivery of trusted solutions for multichannel payments; customer insight and loyalty; and security, fraud and risk management.

We combine our skills, experience and innovation into client solutions that drive improved customer experience and stronger customer relationships. We support the latest and most innovative payment methods securely while we supply managed loyalty services that support programmes from end-to-end and include customer insight to drive profitable customer retention and acquisition.

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