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Corporate Social Responsibility


At The Logic Group we are committed to taking responsibility for our position within the community and managing our business to provide a positive impact on society. As a commercial organisation, we aim to contribute to the business activities and ultimately the success of our clients, whilst providing returns to our shareholders and investors.  But these goals should not come at the expense of the needs of other stakeholders including our employees, partners, suppliers and the wider society and environment.  The following paragraphs describe our efforts to maximise our positive impact on all these stakeholder groups.


Delivering value to our clients and society as a whole requires the commitment of our people – our greatest asset. We aim to empower and encourage our people to produce outstanding results and to continuously develop their knowledge, skills and abilities with our support. We respect the dignity and diversity of our employees and will not tolerate discrimination or abuse of human rights. We are committed to ensuring an effective and equal opportunity recruitment process, the continuous personal development of our staff coupled with a safe, open and honest working environment where individuals treat each other with trust and respect.


We see our business partners as vital contributors in delivering the best possible solutions and choices for our clients.  We seek to build close relationships with our partners, working to create long-term mutual benefit and learning from each other. We seek to enhance each other’s capabilities, aiming at common goals of sustained growth and prosperity. We do not seek to use or create a position to secure an unfair advantage in dealings with partners. We do not enter into exclusive agreements and aim to treat all of our partners evenly.


Our clients and partners expect the highest levels of probity and responsibility from our business operations, our employees and from our products and services.  We are committed to fulfilling these expectations.  Of necessity, we look to all members of our supply chain to share with us a set of minimum common standards to which we all aspire.  If you wish to work with us, we hope you will embrace our Code of Conduct for Suppliers and our Ethical Guidelines for Suppliers set out in the Resource section of this page.


At The Logic Group we recognise our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment for future generations to come.  Our goal is simple - to achieve continuous environmental improvement across all areas of our business.  Our company recycles all of its paper, printer toner cartridges and electrical equipment, thus making a substantial reduction in our carbon footprint.  Further CO2 reductions have been achieved through the use of web conferencing technologies to minimise travel between offices and the replacement of energy inefficient IT technologies such as CRT monitors with more modern and energy efficient LCDs. We seek a continuous awareness of and reduction of the burden that businesses and society as a whole places on the environment.
Philanthropic Support


Our aim is to stimulate a culture with The Logic Group that recognises that both as individuals and as an organisation we also have a wider responsibility to society and particularly towards others who may not have the same opportunities or advantages. We have supported a number of charities where our employees, partners and other stakeholders are active in raising funds associated with societal change and impact. We also proactively encourage and support our employees in contributing their time, skills and knowledge to help the wider community through a wide range of activities.

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