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Working in the multichannel payments industry and having responsibility for the Point of Interaction, including the customer journey, I am always interested in improving the retail experience through new and existing technology. I have been in a number of meetings where retailers have asked if they could replicate the experience received from a certain fruit based store!
July 27, 2011

As we have seen, contactless payments are beginning to move into the mainstream. As my colleague Mark Carpenter noted in his blog, support for contactless transactions is moving out from the metropolis, even to the rarefied environs of his country retreat.
July 22, 2011

Last week, Apple withdrew an application that asked for a 4 digit pin on startup. Unbeknown to the user, the application was storing the passcodes and transmitting them back to the developer. Fortunately this time, it was not for malicious purposes, but more out of curiosity! The developer was amazed how the same passcode was used again and again, and that half of the codes would not have been difficult to guess.
July 4, 2011