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A big year all round, and this is really only the tip of the iceberg. How will 2016 live up in terms of momentum? Luckily, The Logic Group boasts an enviable amount of experience and expertise in this area so we asked members of our team from across the business to find out what exactly might be in store. It’s fair to say things don’t look like letting up anytime soon…
January 6, 2016

Almost a year on from The Logic Group’s acquisition by Barclaycard, the two companies took the opportunity to host an event for our existing customers that would provide some insight into why we’ve joined forces, our experiences thus far and our strategy for the coming year. It also presented the opportunity for some fantastic speakers.
December 16, 2015

The popularity of Black Friday this year has been a brilliant success for our retail partners. Helping so many of our client’s process record-breaking transactions, and in the process building loyalty among so many customers, is something that truly endorses our technology. It does not stop here though, retailers must continue to provide a seamless experience across the Christmas period before they can toast their successes.
December 9, 2015

It’s that time of year again. With high streets basking in the last throes of the summer sun, retailers are beginning to deck the halls with boughs of holly as they prepare for Christmas 2015, with Selfridge’s in London already launching its Christmas shop. As retailers gear up, and plan their strategies for the holiday season, the main topic for discussion will be who will get it right (John Lewis and Next scored high marks for their click and collect services last Christmas) and who will fall at the first hurdle?
September 15, 2015

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance isn’t just another service that we offer our customers, it is a challenge we have actively taken on, with the aim of providing best-in-class accreditation. Find out more about what the latest level of certification means for our clients.
September 9, 2015

Summer is nearly here and that means for many a new wardrobe. Warmer days are here, as too are the summer holidays, meaning it’s time to pull out our summer wardrobe and even build it out with a few shopping trips from the season’s collections. Susan explores how retailers react to seasonal shopping trends and what experiences todays consumers expect.
June 8, 2015

There has been a great deal of focus and excitement around; mobile payments, digital wallets, social media payments and biometrics and how they will revolutionise how we pay. While the future is very exciting, it is important to remember how anything is only as strong as the foundations it’s built on. In the case of payments, this is tokenisation.
March 23, 2015

Not too long ago, I took a good look at Apple’s entry into the mobile wallets/payments market, Apple Pay, and I concluded at the time that it would be a game-changer. A couple of months on, I haven’t changed my mind. Why? Because I think mobile payments aren’t the future anymore; they’re the present – out there today and over time increasingly changing the way we shop. But if they are ‘the now’ already, what is next?...
January 19, 2015

Before loyalty can be earned the customer has to feel that they have an emotional connection with a brand and these connections can only be created once outstanding customer service is in place. Every time a customer interacts with a brand, whatever channel, it must be straightforward, easy, convenient and rewarding.
January 7, 2015

Providing a trusted payment service that supports all of the engagements that you are having with your customers (around the clock and across the channels) is what you expect from us. We strive to deliver this, in order to allow you to spend your time focusing on other business priorities
December 17, 2014