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I've spent the last few weeks getting used to our new office. It's bigger, better and has the Barclaycard logo proudly looking back at me on every wall. Our new offices represent how we're truly becoming one organisation, with the right people and teams sitting next to each other, working together every day.

So how do you celebrate the start of a new journey? By doing something that combines the best of our culture - one of ambition with a healthy sense of fun. Our Party in the (car) Park had staff members dressed up as Smurfs; others were jousting in the car park in inflatable knight outfits; while a few of the senior management even took part in a surfing competition. It really reflected the sense of excitement around here and helped raise some money for charity to boot.

Every colleague, old and new, believes in our future direction. This was plain for all to see with Philip McHugh, CEO of Barclaycard Business Solutions, and Paulette Rowe, Barclaycard's Managing Director Global Payment Acceptance, coming to cut the ribbon on the new building. Seeing them take the time from their schedules was a further sign of the commitment Barclaycard is showing towards The Logic Group and, by extension, all of our customers.

That's the most important thing for us; making sure that everything we are doing with Barclaycard is shared every step of the way with our customers and employees. We're committed to making sure it's all business as usual. But that business will get even better for everyone.

This wasn't just one day, it was one step in many that we have taken to get here. For me and many of my colleagues, the day was a celebration of what we have achieved together so far. Finally being able to stand alongside old and new colleagues under one roof is a brilliant feeling, and one that everyone here has worked incredibly hard to make a reality.

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August 1, 2016