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PIN Entry Devices - Marketing campaigns at a consumer level

It’s been a while since I have been reminded to “insert my card into the chip and pin reader” by a retail assistant. Industry regulations have shaped consumer behaviour, and by now, many of us instinctively hover over the reader waiting for the moment of payment. Pin Entry Devices are becoming increasingly part of a retailer’s image, and price is not the only factor in device selection. PIN Pads must enable chip and pin transactions of course, but this is a commodity. What else can the PIN Pad do to convince a store that it merits the investment?


This year will see a flood of new devices in the market – all comparably with their EMV certificates freshly achieved. Many of these will be have bright, colourful displays, touch screens, and will come in a range of colours – but mainly black and silver! These devices are becoming more intuitive, have a very familiar feel and are benefiting from advances in both technology and client acceptance.


As these devices are becoming more consumer facing, so does the need to ensure that payment is a simple, clear and pain-free process. The whole sales process can be destroyed by a difficult or clunky payment experience. As well as improving the customer interaction, many retailers are seeing new opportunities brought about by the new devices.


I stare at the PIN Pad waiting for the screen to display "Please insert my card"– retailers realise this. While I gaze at the reader, why not let me know some of the fantastic offers available – from low interest rates on loans or store cards, new seasons ranges, or two for one offers in aisle three! Some of the time, this may go unnoticed, but retail marketing is all about increasing the possibility of that extra sale or return visit. At the point of sale, this advertising has the potential to link the offers to my basket data or loyalty card, making the advertising tailored to be both relevant and attractive to me personally.


Knowing that my favourite beer is on special will almost certainly encourage a return visit!

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November 4, 2010