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The Logic Group have successfully worked with many partners who share our ambition to maximise the value to our clients of every customer interaction. If you are interested in understanding more about The Logic Group partner programme please complete the form below and one of the partner team will contact you.


Our partner programme offers 3 levels of engagement tailored to suit the requirements of both the partners and end clients:


Solution Partners sell, implement and support The Logic Group Products or services to multiple clients, and have the skills, knowledge and infrastructure to support this.


Alliance Partners work together with The Logic Group to provide sales and marketing strategies to mutual clients, while the contract, implementation and support remains directly through The Logic Group.


Affiliate Partners work with The Logic Group on our product and service propositions to various market sectors.


We are currently actively seeking partners that address clients in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Italy. If you want to discuss partnership opportunities, please contact us using the form below.



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